Something always seems to go wrong with IT. Whether it’s that printer that just won’t print right, or the computer that is just. so. slow.

The problem is that while we’re busy trying to do one thing, IT is the one thing that always seems to get in the way. And with the fast-paced nature of IT, it’s hard to maintain a constant grasp of what’s new and how it works. When you’re trying to run a business, the last thing you want to have to do is stay on top of both running the business and sorting out all of those IT issues.

According to Statista, more and more businesses are outsourcing their IT, with 41% of respondents expecting their outsourcing to increase over the next 12 months. Why are more and more companies outsourcing their IT and getting managed IT instead? Here’s 10 reasons why.

Flexible Service

Having someone else help take care of your IT means that as you scale, your service can scale with you. Managed service providers are able to meet your business at the level you’re at, so businesses don’t have to worry able the costs of scaling their IT.

Qualified Experts

One big issue with hiring in IT is you want someone who’s good at what they do, without the cost of paying high salaries for those people. One massive advantage with managed service providers is that they already have a wide variety of experts in their field available to customers at a fraction of the cost of actually hiring those people. Businesses can hire the specialists without the cost of actually hiring them full time.

Freeing Up Existing IT Staff

Another issue with IT is that because it’s so broad, you either need third multiple IT personnel, or have one person who takes care of everything. The problem with a single person is that they often have to break away from their required tasks to assist other employees with technical support. With managed service providers such as Koinos, companies can leave the tech support to someone else so the company IT employees can get on with their job. Businesses can either have a single IT person to take care of their tasks and leave the tech support to a service provider, or not even need to worry about hiring and leave their IT to the service provider- knowing they’re only paying for what they need.

Stay Focused on The Core Business

Small business owners especially, can feel overwhelmed when trying to focus on their business and continually coming across IT issues that get in the way. Leaving the IT to someone else means business owners can focus on the business instead. Meanwhile they know they can turn to someone for IT help if they need, without the need to hire someone and worry about salary costs.

Reduced Risk

Needing to be the expert in everything doesn’t work. Things slip through the gap because everything relies on one person- who’s trying to juggle everything all at once. Having a team on tap who you can turn to for advice and guidance means that business owners don’t have to stay on top of every new thing in the IT field and can instead rely on someone else’s expertise to help guide business decisions.

Increased Competitiveness

Small businesses can get experienced and qualified IT professionals on their side without the expensive costs of hiring an IT team. Meaning they can move forward on getting tasks done without the need for a large budget, and can even compete alongside larger companies.

Future Proof

A wonderful advantage to managed service providers is that they take care of the upgrades to their own systems, and ensure that you reap the benefits of that without having to pay for the upgrades yourself. Meaning businesses can get the best tech at no extra cost. It also means that businesses don’t have to worry about their IT systems becoming obsolete and therefore insecure and costly to upgrade.

Reduced Costs

With a managed service provider companies don’t have to worry about the issues of hiring IT staff, and the other costs associated with employment. Businesses are able to have smaller monthly budgets than hiring people, but can still reap the benefits of skilled IT professionals.

Increased Efficiency

With an experienced R&D team, who are already familiar with the various IT systems mean businesses spend less time on researching what’s best. Companies can increase their efficiency with less time on R&D, and more time executing.

Eco Friendly

Less staff, means less office space. This not only saves on costs of larger spaces such as heating and lighting, but also helps towards a greener environment, with less staff are travelling to and from the office each day.

IT Services for Small Businesses

If you’re thinking about how to manage your existing IT, or just need an IT consultant on hand, get in contact today. Koinos can help take care of your business IT needs, so you can take care of the business side. Get in contact today about your IT needs.