What’s your number one avenue for attracting new business, and where do potential customers find out information about your business if not your website? According to a survey by Clutch.co, only 54% of small business owners currently have a website, with 46% not having a website. If you don’t have anywhere to drive prospects to once they’re engaged, it makes it much harder to convert them to customers. A survey from GoDaddy revealed that small business owners list attracting new customers as the second biggest concern, and with the world becoming more digital, it’s important that customers are able to find a business online.

So, what can small business owners do in order to attract more customers online?

Here are 5 areas to look out for:

web design

1. Website Design

A website is the digital home of your business. You want the design of it to reflect the quality of your business. If it looks old and dated, chances are that customers will consider the business old and dated. On the contrary, if your website looks up to date and relevant, then your customers will view your business similarly. Through the design of your website, you can reflect the personality of your brand, whether that be fun, professional, caring, exciting, or any other adjective you’d use to describe your business or personal brand.

website content

2. Website Content

If a customer arrives on your website and just sees something that looks nice, that’s all well and good, but you want it to convert them from a lead to a customer. That is done through the content. It allows visitors to be led on a journey of discovery to first find out about your business, and then guide them along to becoming a customer. It needs carefully curated content that guides them through that process without it feeling pushy, and leaves them feeling in control as they make that step to become a customer.

personalised newsletter

3. Personalised Marketing

According to a study from Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalised experience. But how is that achieved? Birthdays, names, the little things. Having something simple such as a mailing list sign up that addresses the customer by name, or a little ‘Happy Birthday’ email on the customers birthday can go a long way. The customer no longer feels like one of the crowd, but instead feels cared for as an individual.

4. Links & SEO

Now, what about driving a customer to your website in the first place? The main way content can be curated to bring in more customers is through search engine optimisation (SEO). There are so many things that go into this, from using particular keywords to customers find you in search results, to inbound links or backlinks. Internally, you want your website to have the content that brings customers in. SEO is more widely known about these days, but internal links are an often forgotten part of that- often being offered separately to normal SEO. Externally, you want people to point to your website- that’s an internal link. The better the sending website, the more popular your website will become. However, spam or poor quality links can lead to the website not ranking well or being penalised by Google in the rankings, while carefully crafted links take time to build but can be very rewarding. The key is to do SEO right, which is challenging, but rewarding, and like most good things- it takes a little patience to get the formula just right.

5. Mobile

Since 2015, mobile traffic makes up for more than 50% of all web traffic- and that number continues to rise. If mobile visitors don’t have a good experience then they likely won’t continue to explore your website. The key is to have either responsive or adaptive design to a website. Responsive is where the website responds to the size of the screen and adjusts accordingly. Adaptive design is where the customer may have a slightly different, but equally as good, experience on the mobile than a laptop. The main thing is, a website visitor needs to go through the journey from visitor to customer when on the mobile as well as on desktop.

Website Marketing is Rewarding

Whether you’re launching your business or looking at marketing it more, get in contact today. Koinos provides a web design and development service that aims to not only leave your customers happy with what they see, but takes them through the journey from a one-time visitor to a customer that loves your brand. Get in contact today to find out how Koinos can help.