Embrace the digital future of business by live streaming your next conference or business event. Today businesses tend to operate on an international level. Providing services and products around the world is easier than ever before, but the success of a business relies heavily on their ability to adapt and move with the times. Using technology to your advantage can help your company to reach more customers, increase your online presence and get ahead of your competitors.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, almost 50% of live streaming viewers worldwide are streaming more live content than ever before, and it’s estimated that the live streaming industry will be worth £56.3 billion by 2021. The question is, how can live streaming services help businesses to grow? Well, here are 5 reasons why live streaming can help your business thrive online.

Live Event Streaming on a Global Scale

Want to reach customers around the world? Live event streaming can give your business the opportunity to attract new viewers from almost anywhere in the world. You may not even realise that your business, products or services are in demand in another country, but by live streaming your next event or conference, you can identify untapped resources.

Add Value to Your Business Conference

Live event streaming adds value to your business conference. By opening up your event to a worldwide audience, you can dramatically increase your reach which is great news for key speakers and event sponsors looking to get in front of as many people as possible. You can also collect key contact information of those interested in your services or products by asking online viewers to sign up to your live event and provide their email address, if they wish to hear from you in the future.

Global Pandemic Proof Your Events

Covid_19 has negatively impacted business around the world, but it has paved the way for more companies to harbour the power of live streaming services. Rather than have to cancel or postpone your event or business conference, whether it be due to a global pandemic, health and safety concerns, venue issues or weather, live streaming allows the show to go on regardless.

Put Zoom Meetings to Bed

Zoom is a useful tool for connecting friends and family but for businesses, Zoom can be a little underwhelming and problematic. One of the main issues with using a service such as Zoom to live stream is that you don’t have access to emergency help and support should you be experiencing technical difficulties. Rather than go solo when it comes to live streaming your next event, leave it to the professionals by using live streaming services from Koinos.

Never Be Restricted By Venues & Space

Business events, conferences and talks when held in a venue, are restricted by the size of the building, its capacity and the space itself. Live streaming events and business conferences means never being restricted by venues, budget and space. Welcome viewers online with open arms to your event without having to worry about health and safety concerns or increasing visitor numbers.

Live Streaming Services for Events

If you’re thinking about live streaming your upcoming business event, conference or talk, contact our team today. We offer businesses and companies professional live streaming services so that you too can benefit from live streaming. Get in contact with Koinos about your live streaming needs.